La Marquise International Team has long industry experience in the UAE, GCC and MENA region. Throughout the years we have supported hundreds of business owners to develop or set up from scratch their food-related businesses, would that be a coffee shop, café, gelateria or a bakery. With our hands-on experience and the market expertise we can support you through with the following services:

  • Identify your business concept
  • Help out with the shop design, including required equipment and display counters
  • Operational advice
  • Menu creation support
  • Menu costing support
  • ROI calculation
  • Staff training for product applications.

Once your shop is up and running, La Marquise International Team will be committed to monthly visits and continuous product support, including training for your current and new staff and 24/7 technical support to ensure you do not have service interruptions in your business.

For more details get in touch with us today on or 800 LMIAE (56423)