In the world of innovation you have to keep up with new technologies and ideas to stay ahead of your competition. Folletto food printer offers you just that! Folletto is aiming to create an entirely new ‘cafe culture’ through their smart art printer. The Folletto will help to express one’s emotions freely on the surface of a latte, frappe or gelato. There is no limits in Folletto, it’s all up to your imagination. Folletto leaves deep impressions in people’s hearts through images or words printed, it provides new experience for customers and help cafes to engage with their clients more. So are you thinking how to impress your customers? Think Folletto!


Folletto is a machine that provides new events for customers through outputting their own pictures or words on a latte using their smart phones in a cafe, etc. Completion of latte art by scanning a QR code without installing a separate application.