Gulfood 2018 Gallery

The 2018 Gulfood Show achieved a record-breaking total of 97,000 visitors seeking a wide variety of products and technology and La Marquise International aimed to please.

We introduced a variety of new brands such as our range of frozen fruits by Andros, top quality Italian flours by Molino Pasini and portable espresso machines by Wacaco.

Also showcasing and introducing La Marquise’s very own brand MIA! A versatile line of bakery, pastry, and chocolates which proved to be a big hit with customers!

Let’s not forget La Marquise’s other well-known food and beverage brands 1883 Maison Routin, Pellini Cafe, Monbana, Mixer, Almar, Barnier, One & Only, Mec 3, Folletto, WMF Espresso, Icetro and Gelolab.

Some of La Marquise’s biggest attractions at the 2018 Gulfood Show were Barnier’s lollipop tree containing over 17,000 lollipops and 1883 Maison Routin display of over 500 bottles!