LMI Academy combines the learning and development solutions that provide professional training and consultancy to your business needs and helps you bring differentiation & competitive advantage to your business as well as significantly increase to your profits.

Training Programs

Casa Optima – World School of Sweet Arts & Innovation

La Marquise International and MEC3 are bringing a new exciting experience to the region. The School of Casa Optima with known and dedicated teachers of MEC3 are here to provide complete and qualified consultation to the Gelato makers who already have experience as well as those who are new to this delicious industry.

Barista Training- Your Key to Success in Specialty Coffee

Remember, you only have one opportunity to make the first impression, so do it right!
Barista training is a service offered by La Marquise International that will guarantee to provide the knowledge and the practical skills for delivering an exceptional cup of coffee to assure an unforgettable first impression of your customers. We are proud to have the winning UAE barista in our team who is delighted to share his expertise and comprehensive technical knowledge of brewing, serving and presenting the perfect cup of coffee. We are here to best help you create, build and grow your specialty coffee business.
The training aims to spread the quality and culture of the finest Italian Espresso Worldwide.

Pastry & Bakery - Now Is the Time – Embark on a Career in Food Preparation

If you’ve been considering a career in culinary arts and have a special interest in pastry or baking then you’ve come to the right place. La Marquise International offers Pastry & Bakery Training based on high-quality ingredients from Italy by IRCA. The training delivers an amazing wealth of skills and knowledge. Our experienced Chef will guide your path toward the preparation and techniques of baking to create your own masterpieces.

Mixologist Consultancy- Inspired by Flavours

A beverage isn’t simple addition to your food menu, it’s the product that can bring differentiation and competitive advantage to your business as well as significantly increase to your profits. La Marquise International offers a wide variety of services to create or enhance your beverage program. Professional mixologists with over 7 years of experience will teach techniques and proven strategies that will increase revenue while enhancing your guest’s experience.