Roastery Station Brazil Fazenda Ip - 1KG

AED 110.00

Indulge in the taste of authentic Brazilian coffee beans! Milk-based with notes of crunchy almond,...


Roastery Station Burundi Kawasil - 1KG

AED 120.00

Burundi’s finest coffee beans brought to you! Milk-based with notes of mouth-watering crème brulee, yummy...


Roastery Station Colombia San Sebastian - 1KG

AED 105.00

Every coffee lover’s must have! Milk-based with notes of molasses, fresh apple and sweet grapes,...


Roastery Station Ethiopia Worka Chelbesa - 1KG

AED 135.00

Dive into the aroma of pure Ethiopian coffee beans! Milk-based with notes of yummy dried...


Roastery Station Rwanda Fuji Lot N18 - 1KG

AED 165.00

The unforgettable taste of Rwanda coffee delivered straight to you! Fruity with notes of fresh...


Roastery Station The Blend #1 - 1KG

AED 125.00

Our very own concoction made for the ultimate coffee fanatic! Milk-based with a sweet and...