Timemore 01 Basket Filter For Cup For One

AED 17.00

Timemore coffee filter paper is very similar to other Timemore products. Constructed delicately, consistently and...


Timemore Advanced Grinder Go

AED 470.00

Advanced Grinder Go The latest grinder from the folks at TIMEMORE features an innovative design for...


Timemore Black Mirror Nano

AED 340.00

Black Mirror Nano Timemore has been making a name in the world of coffee by offering...


Timemore Chestnut Grinder-G1 Black Stainless Steel Burr (Al-Wood Container) Max. 30G

AED 672.00

This is a manual coffee grinder specially designed for grinding coffee beans. G1 coffee grinder...


Timemore Chestnut Grinder-G1 Golden Stainless Steel Burr (Al-Wood Container) Max.30G

AED 840.00

This TIMEMORE G1 coffee grinder is easy to operate, ultra light and compact, easy to...


Timemore Cloth Filter for Syphon

AED 13.00

Make your brewing experience flow like it should with this Paper Filter while giving your...


Timemore Coffee Grinder-Chestnut C1, Blue

AED 210.00

This is a stylish and practical manual coffee bean grinder. It is manufactured with high-quality...


Timemore Coffee Grinder-Chestnut C2 Black

AED 210.00

C2 is a first class product in both quality and functionality with a reasonable price....


Timemore Coffee Grinder-Nano (Stainless Steel Burr) Max.15G

AED 483.00

Introducing a classic long lasting manual grinder from TimeMore, Timemore Coffee Grinder-Nano (Stainless Steel Burr)....


Timemore Coffee Grinder-Slim (Stainless Steel Burr) Max.20G

AED 504.00

Stylish & comfortable Grid-Pattern grip with well-designed manual coffee grinder with excellent grind quality. It...


Timemore Coffee Grinder-Slims Titanium Version Max.20G

AED 609.00

Building on the brilliant design of the popular Timemore Nano hand coffee grinder, the new...


Timemore Coffee Server (360Ml)

AED 52.50

Delicately branded with the Timemore logo and packaged well in a quality box. Stylish, elegant and...