Timemore Crystal Eye Glass Dripper 01 Pc Holder, Black

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The Christal Eye Glass Dripper One Cup has revolutionary 3 layers of extractions. With a closer fit of the correct filter paper ensures the shape of coffee ground after brewing is round and full. The grooves within the formation of the dripper allows smoother permeability. With a better permeability, you don’t have to worry about the over extraction of slow water flow.

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  • What’s In The Box: Crystal Eye Dripper
  • Material: Soda-lime glass
  • Capacity: 2-4 Cups
  • Holder: PC
  • INSULATING LEVEL:The paper can completely attach to the filter And there is no groove under the paper in this section So the water cannot get through it ,which plays a controlling role even when you pouring too fast
  • BREWING LEVEL:We suggest brewing coffee within this section The area of the flume decreases gradually so as to control the flowing speed
  • 15/20g coffee powder will just fill in this level there is less area of the ribs but more of the flume, which can similarly meet the Totally-overhead extraction principle  What’s in the box
  • 1 x Timemore New Glass Dripper – 1 Cup
  • 10 x Timemore Paper Filters
  • Package weight in KGs : 0.5 kg

Additional information

Weight 0.395 kg
Dimensions 15.3 × 15.3 × 15.3 cm


2-4 Cups


Soda-lime glass