Timemore Kettle Fish03 (300Ml)

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A kettle to make you a master barista!

It’s patented steady stream structure is the secret of making steady vertical water flow & helps every user control steady water flow easily.

It also has 3 layers of teflon coating to increase the wear resistance in the coating & copper inner wall to ensure heat is retained for longer

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  • What’s In The Box: Kettle Fish
  • Material : 304 Stainless steel
  • Capacity : 300ml
  • Fish Kettle has a profiled handle inclined at a small angle for the best ergonomics, which is very important when working for hours behind the bar.
  • The patented neck and spout have been designed so that the water flows exactly at right angles, which gives a very high precision of pouring. This effect is reinforced by an additional strainer inside the kettle that stabilizes the flow of water to the spout..
  • The jug is made of three layers of material – a stainless steel body, copper interior and external Teflon coating – for the best thermal stability and cleanliness..
  • The Timemore kettle is not intended for boiling water – do not place it directly on heat sources.
  • Water should be boiled in another container, and then poured into the Timemore kettle, which can be used for precise pouring. Black colour.

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304 Stainless steel