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Frappe & Smoothie Bases

Sweetbird is all about getting creative with ingredients and flavours then pouring this into everything we do so you can make drinks that look and taste delicious every time. Obsessed with perfection, we travel the globe to spot new trends and continually experiment with ingredients and recipes – using natural ingredients where possible. This helps us ensure that the Sweetbird product range not only tastes exceptional but delivers the innovation, versatility and simplicity customers are looking for too.

Our Range of Products

Sweetbird Mango Smoothie 1L

Mango Smoothie 1L

Sweetbird Peach Smoothie 1L

Peach Smoothie 1L

Sweetbird Strawberry Smoothie 1L

Strawberry Smoothie 1L

Mocha Frappe 2Kg

Mocha Frappe 2Kg

Yogurt Frappe 2Kg

ticky Toffee Frappe 2Kg

Sticky Toffee Frappe 2Kg


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